ASSO AIME is a private organization that is primarily based in Australia and we are involved in bridging the schools and universities academically. As there are a lot of people who go convoluted especially those who are in high school might panic when they are about to step into college, fearing about the courses and its difficulties. This is due to the major gap present between the college and the high school. After a long study and research, we were able to identify where the students lag once they step into the college and university. And even for the students in the university, they too might get some questions when they couldn't recall the topics that they learned during the days back at their school. Here at ASSO AIME, we have come up with the best solution to connect the schools and universities with a very simplest approach, which is by integrating the education of the schools and the universities. The primary objective and motto of us are to let both the end of students to get connected in kinds of aspects that would eventually make them a better person in the academia making them a top scholar and a better person for the society. For all the education system in different countries, the primary problem is the lack of communication between the high schools and universities which make the student encounter a huge lack of knowledge towards the higher education, which will make them stumble in making decisions regarding higher studies. The right decision will impact a lot in the career of the student which will enhance their life with enriched skills of their own interests. The students are in need of proper guidance about the higher studies knowledge, and a gap of the bridge is prevailing between the school students and university students. We, ASSO AIME are making efforts in filling this knowledge gap among the students to provide them with an appropriate path towards their goals. Our services have the main goal and target to provide the awareness and Communication Bridge between all kinds of students and the knowledge is gathered by mentoring between various people to the students. We are always proud to deliver our mentoring services for the students to shape their career in an effective way. Lots of students are getting benefits from the guidelines and efforts that we had spread.