It is a vital factor for the future scope of the young generation people.


Education plays a major role and it is the foremost important factor in the development of an individual person and the country. It is a vital factor for the future scope of the young generation people. Education taught everyone to live in positive ways and to fight against the obstacles with the power of knowledge. Even after knowing about the complete importance and necessity of education in nowadays world by the people, still illiteracy is prevailing in all parts of the world, and it impacts a lot in people lives and economic conditions of the country. People who are all penurious and living in the backward areas are unaware of the purpose of education and they don’t have enough resources to gain the benefits and values of education. Governments are also taking new plans and strategies to induct education and resolve that kind of problems in those areas.

Education improves the personality of the individual and enhances the mental thinking of the person. It builds confidence and assists in converting the thoughts into action towards the success. Without education, there is no progress towards the growth. Everyone should understand the significance of education and its involvement in the daily lives and purpose. Penurious and disabled people also have equal rights to attain the education like every other to get global development. Each of us should give our maximum ability for the accessibility of education to all the people in all areas around the world as much as possible. Some people are living demarcated poor life because of complete lack of education and somebody are clambering, even though they are educated and it happens because of the improper education system and poor gathering of knowledge. Thus an equal opportunity for good education is to be established for all the people.

For every country, the development of the country hugely depends on the education standard available to the country citizens. A good education system must have enriched goals to provide a proper learning culture to the citizens. This thing can be achieved by the active participation of all the children by parents towards the educational institutions. The higher authorities must fix some criteria and objectives for the education that must create some curiosity for education among the students. The education system is still a weal one, because of the cost of education that most of the students are unviable to achieve the education.

Worldwide education systems

The education system in Finland country is considered as the best system in the world than most of the countries. Education starts at the age of 7 years old and there will be a national core curriculum. There are no formalities of tests and examination at all stages before the higher education until matriculation. The education system in the USA also has compulsory primary and secondary education. Ages to begin and finish the education may vary for different places. After the end of secondary school education, all the students apply for the SAT examinations to pursue the higher studies. In Australia, the compulsory primary and secondary education is maintained at the ages between six and nineteen. Japan is one of the best-performing countries in the world in terms of literacy.All the students went through six years of elementary education, three years of junior high school and three years of high school before going to the university.

Private tuitions also gained a lot of importance around different parts of the world. In Malaysia private tuition is also called as shadow education system and in Japan, it is called as “juku”. These tuition studies are available for both primary and secondary education levels and it is offered via individual basis. In most of the places, the professional teachers who are working in the educational institutions are giving the private tuition services latter the after school working hours and weekends. Hong Kong education system involves a three-year voluntary kindergarten education, six years of primary and three years of secondary education based on their individual performances. After that, tertiary education is carried by the students on different technical schools.

Education involves the teaching of effective skills and knowledge. It is recognized worldwide as the benefit for all individuals and as a soul for the promotion of country development. Private tutoring has a lot of impact on the academic development, social relationships, and personal interests. Several studies were conducted which shows that private tuitions tend to give better academic results for the students to pursue towards their achievement and helps a lot to master the mainstream lessons taught in schools and avoids the ineffective teaching.

Mentoring bridge between university and schools

For all the education system in different countries, the primary problem is the lack of communication between the high schools and universities which make the student encounter a huge lack of knowledge towards the higher education, which will make them stumble in making decisions regarding higher studies. The right decision will impact a lot in the career of the student which will enhance their life with enriched skills of their own interests. The students are in need of proper guidance about the higher studies knowledge, and a gap of the bridge is prevailing between the school students and university students. We, ASSO AIME are making efforts in filling this knowledge gap among the students to provide them with an appropriate path towards their goals.